Music Ministry



Music ministry plays an extremely vital role in the worship life at HoP. We are so thankful to the individuals who participate in the various ensembles here, and like to think that each of them is rewarded in a special way in return. We would love to have even more of you seize the opportunity to share your talents to glorify God in our worship.

The 2011-12 program year will kick off soon, and following is a list of ways that anyone and everyone could be involved in music ministry:

Adult Choir

Adult Choir Practice

This group rehearses Thursday evenings throughout the year, and sings most Sundays for one of the services, plus a number of festival church days throughout the year. Beyond singing choral anthems of the traditional nature, the choir takes on a much broader role in worship with liturgical material, hymn leading, etc. as well. See Phil Mennicke for further info.

Brass Ensemble

This group will again provide a unique and exciting musical dimension to worship at HoP. The Brass Ensemble typically rehearses Thursday evenings at 8:35 p.m. and plays at worship about once a month plus special festivals. New members are welcome. See Jon Kietzer for further info.

Wind Ensemble

One of the things that is truly unique to HoP is the HoP Wind ensemble. We are indeed blessed to have this fine group. This band plays in worship about four times a year, plus the annual Festival of Carols, and rehearses as needed leading up to those events. The HoP Wind Ensemble shares many members with the Northern Winds Concert Band, a community band that rehearses at HOP and is conducted by HoP member, Joe Speakman. See Jon Kietzer for further info.

Hand Bell Choir

HoP Bell Choir

This year marks the 30th(!) anniversary of the inception of this fun group. As always, the hand bells will strive to provide music of the highest artistic quality to enhance and inspire our worship life. The bells rehearse Monday evenings, and typically play once a month for Sunday worship, plus other events throughout the year. See Phil Mennicke for info.

Youth Bell Choir

The Youth Bell Choir is open to any youth in grades 6-12 that are interested in trying out the bells. No real musical ability is required. We go through basic bell technique and perform in worship twice a year. If you are interested in this fun-filled opportunity, contact Kristin Tranby.



This upper elementary group is for 3rd-5th graders. We focus on healthy singing and increasing our knowledge of the church year as we learn songs to sing in worship. There are also many opportunities for playing instruments, including handchimes! Th

This group also meets Wednesday as a part of Music School. See Stefanie Fiser to learn more or register your child.

Spirit Singers

Spirit Singers

Open to Kindergarten through 2nd Graders, this group is a beginner’s music ensemble geared toward early childhood music experiences. We learn songs to sing in worship, as well as learning about music, the Bible, and our young faith. Spirit Singers will continue to meet Wednesday evenings as a part of the Music School Program. See Stefanie Fiser to learn more or register your child..

Northern Winds Concert Band

A community band that rehearses at HOP and is conducted by HoP member, Joe Speakman. See Jon Kietzer for further info.

Youth Music Ensemble

A newly formed group for 6th-12th graders! Because we are just starting this group up officially, many details have yet to be decided, as we want to honor the input of its members. There will likely be singing, hand bell, and guitar opportunities in worship throughout the year. Please see Stefanie Fiser if you or your youth are interested in being involved with this group!

Solo/Small Group Opportunities

As always, we invite individuals to sing or play a solo in worship, or form a small group to do something on a given Sunday. If this is something you would like to explore, please be in touch with Phil Mennicke.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to share your talents to enhance the worship life of HoP. Please take a moment to consider which of these might be the best fit for you — they each present an opportunity to meet and work with some super people, and ALL are tons of fun!


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