Life Together

Life Together

Our Mission: To develop, encourage and support the in-reach ministry for members of House of Prayer. The Life Together Ministry Team (LTMT) is a newly formed ministry team that began in August 2009 for the purpose of supporting the many fully functioning and firmly established group ministries. Led by the Spirit, these groups have done much to serve the members of HOP and strengthen our community. For example,

They provide loving care to HOP members through:

Prayer shawl ministry Flower delivery
Tape ministry Quilters
Card Ministry Sunshine Ministry
Towers Hosts

They provide opportunities to connect and feel connected through:

Fellowship Groups Social Seniors
Retired Men’s Group Grandmothers’ Group
Book Discussion Group Men’s Softball


They provide dedicated service through:

Funeral Luncheon Group Wedding Coordinators


They provide opportunities to enrich our congregational life through:

Fall Festival Heritage Team
Women’s Christmas Brunch Sunday Morning Coffee Service


Besides what each of the groups does on a regular basis to grow and serve one another, members of these groups have been part of some very notable events this year:

Fall Festival

Dog Days
Spirit @ Work Women’s Retreat
Funeral Luncheon Group (From 7/1/09 through present, served at 21 funerals and fed about 2,450 guests)
Congregation Discipleship Potluck/LMT Presentations
Annual Meeting and Congregational Celebration BBQ

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