Evangelism at House of Prayer

”…Growing our membership in love and care”

Evangelism is a strong spirit that reaches out to God’s community to share and grow in numbers.

The Evangelism Ministry Team will be hosting fall 2011 information classes for membership at House of Prayer. The first class will be Lutheranism 101 on September 18. The second class is called House of Prayer 101 and will be on September 25. Each class meets following the 9:30 worship services at around 10:45 and goes until 12pm.
A light lunch is served and then conversation about what it means to be a Lutheran in today’s world as well as how we as House of Prayer witness to Christ’s redeeming love as we join our hands to do God’s work. New Member Sunday will be October 2 at the 9:30 service.
If you would like further information, please contact Cammy or Pastor Anne in the church office. Contact information: Phone: 612.866.8471 or email.Information Desk

The Evangelism Ministry Team strives to welcome new members to our church, as well as to extend hospitality to our current church family. No one group in the congregation can be responsible for such a large task –every member of the congregation is called to help achieve this, since God has commissioned us to make disciples of all people, what better way than to begin within the walls of our own church.

Greeters at the early service
Some of the responsibilites and opportunities for evangelism undertaken by the EvMT are accomplished by providing:

• Sunday and Holiday service greeters at each door
• Information booth staffed to answer questions
• New member packets kept available for interested visitors
• Welcome letters mailed to new area residents
• Small thank-you gifts for visitors and follow-up postcards
• Flyers delivered to area homes promoting upcoming events

• New member classes with sponsors matched to each family
• Pictorial directory updates to help members connect
• Annual Guide Book
• “Tell Us” inserts in Sunday bulletins for requesting information, prayers, home visits, etc.

Welcome to House of PrayerIf you would like to join us in this ministry, please contact Shirley Moen or Pastor Anne.


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