Contact Us

House of Prayer Lutheran Church

Write to us @ 7625 Chicago Avenue South, Richfield MN  55423

Call Us @ 612-866-8471

Fax Us @ 612-866-1067

Email Us @


Pastor chuck Carlson Pastor Chuck Carlson (ext 202)
Pastor Anne Hokenstad Pastor Anne Hokenstad (ext 205)

Office Staff

two Administrative Assistant: Stefanie Fiser (ext 207)
Margaret Novak Bookkeeper: Margaret Novak (ext 208)
two Simple Supper Coordinator: Dorisa Nelson

Children’s and Youth Ministry

two Director- Children’s Ministry and Confirmation: Kristin Tranby (ext 203)
Dan Nelson Senior High Ministry: Dan Nelson (ext 216)

Music Ministry

Phil Mennicke Director of Music: Philip Mennicke (ext 213)
Stefanie Fiser Director of Children’s Music: Stefanie Fiser (ext 214)
Jon Kietzer Organist: Jon Kietzer”>

Custodial Staff

Ramo Zejnilovic Custodian: Ramo Zejnilovic (ext 222)

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